Trying to Get This Show on Stage

On the VIDEOS portion of this website, I recently put links to recently posted youtube videos related to the song-cycle, Red Beets & Horseradish. My goal is to get at least one video up per week, then go back to tweak and revise them. I have no skill as a visual artist or graphic designer, but if I can sketch this stuff out, maybe somebody with talent will come along and say, "I can do something with that, just send me the files."

     Back in Western Pennsylvania, Dave and Ellen are still working on music, and I try to get together with them when I'm in the area...but it's tough. I usually visit during holidays when people are busy and preoccupied with obligations. It seems like Ellen has been pretty prolific. Dave has been playing with his son. The four of us played in a chicken coop last summer. There was a big sign, "Chicken Coop MotherCluckers." We mostly played covers.

     It's fun to play covers, and you learn a lot about music, arranging, song-structure, and so on when you play covers. It's gotten to the point that I'd rather hear a good cover band than most original bands because most original bands have mediocre songs.

     Also, I've been seeing a lot of Gregg Bielski. Gregg is the most amazingly prolific and positive artist I've ever met, and it is an inspiration to hang out with him. Easy Bake Oven. Ex->Tension. He's doing noise stuff, spoken word stuff, and he's been on stage more in the past year than the past 20 years combined.

     Out in the Philly-area, I've been playing with Mike Michalski in a band called CEREBELLES. We play some Honeyburst songs and some Little Wretches' songs, but we're mostly relegated to playing dive bars to audiences that consist of the members of other bands. 

     My main focus right now is this RED BEETS & HORSERADISH stuff. Stay tuned, and I'll try to deliver.

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