Let's Do Something Gigantic 

Click here to hear the song (Let's Do) Something Romantic by The Little Wretches

Upon learning of the passing of David Allen Flynn, artist and long-time friend of The Little Wretches, drummer Angelo George said without pause, "He and Chuckie are having a reunion in Heaven."

George shared the following anecdote:

At an early rehearsal, we were in the basement on Middleboro Road, maybe even before the band had a name. This was WAY back at the beginning. David, Chuckie and Ed Heidel (original bassist for The…

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Bookends, kind of. 

click here to see/hear WHY WERE THEIR POETS SILENT

click here to see/hear BURNING LANTERN DROPPED IN STRAW by The Little Wretches

Today, two albums by The Little Wretches, WHY WERE THEIR POETS SILENT and BURNING LANTERN DROPPED IN STRAW, became available at iTunes/Apple Music. The former marks the debut of David Losi on piano, though he had not yet joined the band, and the latter consists of the songs Losi and Wagner were working on when circumstances led Dave to leave the band. The former never made it to…

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UNDESIRABLES & ANARCHISTS is the name of a collection of songs performed by Mike Madden, HK Hilner, John Carson, Rosa and Robert Andrew Wagner and recorded and mixed in 2001 at Dave Granati's studio in Ambridge. 

Its working title all those years ago was "Born to Crash." The new title is from a line in the song, ALL OF MY FRIENDS: 
"All of my friends are on somebody's list 
Of undesirables and anarchists. 
It's not even safe to admit that you're one of my friends." 

The project came back from mastering…

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Philadelphia Area Songwriters Alliance Event, Sunday, April 5 

I have been invited to play at a Philadelphia Area Songwriters Alliance event. It was going to be held at a place in Swarthmore called The War3Hous3, but the quarantine-efforts have iced the prospect of a live-show. It is now going to be streamed, accessible apparently via Facebook and maybe the venue website. I'm really not sure.

As usual, it feels like every performer at the PASA events has a sweeter voice and can play with more dexterity than me. I've got these songs, though, so I can hold my own. At my…

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Northwest Tour Cancelled, blah blah blah 

Robert Andrew Wagner had a handful of little gigs lined up in the Portland and Seattle areas in April. Those gigs are cancelled for obvious reasons.

Ellen Hildebrand and Robert Andrew Wagner were going to collaborate on a show to benefit First Baptist Church in historic Duquesne, Pennsylvania, but that event had to be re-scheduled for a date as yet to be determined.

Out in the Philly/Phoenixville-area, some house-concerts had to be canned.

Everybody out here in Philly is into these live-stream shows…

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The Threepenny Opry House Concert Series 

Sunday, January 26, 4 - 6 PM

House Concert in the Mont Clare / Phoenixville-area.

Robert Andrew Wagner, Jessica Graae and Bevan McShea. Looks like we may also be joined by Labella & Poole!

contact-- threepennyopry@yahoo.com for address.

Devilish Merry and The Little Wretches at Moondog's 


378 Freeport Rd, Blawnox PA 15238


Date: Saturday, February 1, 2020

Doors Open: 7 PM

Showtime:  8 - 11:30 PM.

Tickets: $10








The Story:


On the eve of the Super Bowl in 1979, the Steelers versus the Cowboys, I (Robert…

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Here's a Live Recording from CENTURY (Philadelphia) 


Back in February, I was accompanied by bassist Chuck Nolan and performed 6 songs at CENTURY in Philadelphia. If you listen, you'll hear me say during the introduction, "I'm going to throw a lot of information at you, basically about other human beings." I realize that the content of my songs can come across as pretty heavy to people who haven't previously heard me, so I try to put things in context before playing a song, hopefully without violating the…

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Palms & Crosses 

(OK, so I fell behind on my posting and have not adhered to the schedule of posting a new video every week. I'm going to make it up with three new ones in rapid succession!)

I've been doodling around with this PALMS & CROSSES song for awhile now, a few years.

I saw a movie about the Baader-Meinhof Gang, a terrorist organization, kind of like the Weather Underground. As a former Maoist who was fortunate not to have done anything stupid, I felt sorry for the well-meaning activists who embraced a bad idea…

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