GLOBAL EMERGING ARTISTS--Interview with Robert Wagner of The Little Wretches 

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Interview with Robert Wagner of The Little Wretches 

Thanks for taking the time, Robert. How has the 2020-21 pandemic affected you on both a personal and professional level? 

I live in the States, in Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia, and a few days after the lockdown/quarantine/whatever started in March, I was of two minds, like there was a little angel-me watching the material-me in action. 

Part of me was just perturbed. What…

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Robert Wagner talks to DJ Altra

He introduced himself to me as Jermaine, but when the podcast started, he became DJ Altra. I'm not sure how much of the conversation was edited, but Jermaine is a Baltimore Ravens fan, and the conversation began with banter about the Pittsburgh Steelers recent blowout loss to the Cleveland Browns. 

It turned out to be a good conversation, I think. Maybe. I mean…

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Receiving Compliments and Getting Back to Work 

I looked up a person who was instrumental in first professionally recording The Little Wretches, and so as not to breech confidentiality or violate a trust, I will keep that person's name out of this post. But....

I thanked that person for having had a profound impact on what was then my future course, and the reply was something like, "I don't think anybody interacts with Robert Wagner without a permanent effect." That is comforting to hear/read because, having no children of my own, I often wonder if I am…

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What's the word? JOHANNESBURG 

Well, the story is that THE LITTLE WRETCHES have the #1 Folk Rock song on the iTunes Charts in South Africa and the #20 song across all genres.

I'm not making this up. Here's proof!

BANDS ON THE RADAR, Rock and Blues Muse 

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A long time ago, The Little Wretches were considered a "band on the radar." We are once again so. 

I hear an increasing number of artists talk about "building their brand," and though I understand what they mean, I just want you to know that The Little Wretches are NOT a brand, YOU are NOT a customer/consumer. We are living, breathing, flesh and blood and souls. 

Reminds me of the scene in THE GREAT DEBATERS:

"Who is the Judge?"

"The Judge is God!"

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Coming Soon: A NEW ALBUM 

Richard Hell once sang, "LOVE COMES IN SPURTS." 

Unfortunately for me, that is how I work. It is wise to work incrementally, to make a little progress every day. But that has never been my style. This morning, I updated this website for the first time since the Thanksgiving holiday. I posted most of the podcasts, reviews and interviews that have appeared between then and now. If you follow The Little Wretches on Facebook, you've seen most of this stuff.

But what I really want to tell you is that I am going…

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Dec 29, 2020 

What does your band name "The Little Wretches" mean?  

The Little Wretches. What does the name mean?  It's a convergence.  When the band was coming together, I lived near the University of Pittsburgh, and we had access to a lot of inexpensive movie-series within walking distance.  One night, we saw Francois Truffaut's THE 400 BLOWS at Carnegie Museum of Art.  I recently downloaded the…

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A Tribute to Heidi Wolfson 

I tried to play ANOTHER LINK IN THE CHAIN as if I was the song's author, but the song was written by Heidi Wolfson of Cubizm, a powerful and encouraging force in the Philadelphia music and songwriting communities. I know that Heidi digs Patti Smith, and the first time I performed it, I threw in a few bars of Patti's AIN'T IT STRANGE. Here, I don't play anything attributable to Patti. I hope it honors Heidi and she gets a kick out of it.