“Undesirables And Anarchists” – Timeless and Endlessly Relatable! 



The Little Wretches – “Undesirables And Anarchists” – Timeless and Endlessly Relatable! 

Posted By: Jacob AidenPosted date: November 15, 2020 in: New Releases

A long-term cancer survivor, Robert Wagner – frontman and chief songwriter and lyricist for 80’s-90’s seminal Pittsburgh rock band, The Little Wretches, continues to perform at coffeehouses and small clubs. A Master’s Degree holder…

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LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT--Musical Interlude, CSB Television 

This link takes you to the YouTube video of Robert Andrew Wagner on Musical Interlude, CSB Television

When invited to appear on this podcast with Casey Bell, I saw that he also has a program featuring writers. I've got feet in each camp, music and writing, but I ended up on his Musical Interlude series. Casey asked which song I would like to feature, and though we are currently promoting THE BALLAD OF JOHNNY BLOWTORCH, I decided to go with WHO'S AMERICA. 

I was holding my guitar as we talked, mostly as a…

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SKOPE MAGAZINE review of The Ballad of Johnny Blowtorch 

Here is the link to SKOPE MAGAZINE--Little Wretches Present “The Ballad of Johnny Blowtorch”

Little Wretches Present “The Ballad of Johnny Blowtorch” 

by Skope • November 6, 2020 

A pure shot of adrenaline, the Little Wretches’ “The Ballad of Johnny Blowtorch (Ambridge Version)” races forward at a blistering pace. The volume demands to be played at maximum volume for it is an intense piece. Sounding like an instant classic the production has a flawless, gritty take to it which accurately captures its…

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IN THE ZONE Magazine 

Here is the link to IN THE ZONE MAGAZINE

Hi Robert! Little Wretches is a very unique name for a band.  How did you 

come up with it? 

There are layers to it. My first band was called NO SHELTER, and the lyrics to our single, BROOKS ROBINSON’S CAMP, is a monologue delivered to us by a homeless veteran in an all-night coffeeshop off the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. We were involved in political activism, and we were consciously trying to draw attention to people in need, outsiders, the…

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MY HEYDAY IS RIGHT NOW--Indie Pulse Interview 

Click here to see the full interview at Indie Pulse.

Hi Robert!  Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. We're a great admirer of your work, most notably your latest release, "Undesirables and Anarchists."  Tell us the inspiration behind the title. 

Thank you for your thank you. As you probably know, I’m trying to promote the album, and artists traditionally tour to promote their albums. Nobody’s touring right now, so an opportunity to get the word out about UNDESIRABLES & ANARCHISTS is pretty…

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This link takes you to an appearance by Robert Andrew Wagner on the SOMEWHERE IN VEGAS podcast.

Songwriter and Recording Artist Robert Wagner 

From: Somewhere in Vegas 

Having produced over 11 albums with his band Little Wretches, Robert Wagner has grown as an artist. 

An icon in indie folk rock, his lyrics are a glimpse into the emotional history of humanity and uses characters and storytelling to pull at your heart strings and put a smile on your face. 

We talked to Wagner about his journey into music…

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Long Interview at ORIGINAL ROCK Magazine 

Follow this link to the interview at Original Rock dot Net

What first got you into music? 

Thanks. I love telling this story. 

My mother and my aunt had a lot of vinyl records. Me and my sister, Lynda, and our cousins, Mickey and Nancy, when we would visit each others’ homes—I’m talking three, four, five years old—we had these little children’s turntables with tinny little speakers and boxes of records. 

Go play! 

And as we played, we took turns playing vinyl records. Nowadays, gaming systems are the…

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ABOUT INSIDER--All His Friends Are “Undesirables And Anarchists” 

This link will take you to the full interview in ABOUT INSIDER Magazine

Hey Robert Wagner! It’s an honour to have you chit chat with us and we are really grateful to you for making time for this interview despite your busy schedule. Thank you once again, let’s begin with the interview: 

What drew you to the music industry? 
I’m drawn to music. I love to play it, listen to it, lay on my bed holding an LP cover  in front of my face while I daydream. I’m a fan, a fanatic. I’m one of those people who can listen…

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Follow this link to the Ya Jagoff Podcast

Summary: There is no crying in baseball, so the jags suck it up and learn a few things from Tim Jones at Rawlings Tigers baseball as well as Henry Seifried, owner of BackYard Indoor Training. They touch base with William Brandstetter, attorney and author, Ray Petelin and his more famous than he daughter, Elizabeth, about his new gig at KDKA, and catch up with Robert Andrew Wagner about Pgh punk/folk sounds.  

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