Robert Andrew Wagner of The Little Wretches


“Bob Wagner is not the person you invite to sit down in your favorite comfortable chair. He'd probably burn a hole right through it when he sat down. Fronting the Little Wretches...” - John Young— Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

As frontman and chief songwriter/lyricist for 80s/90s seminal Pittsburgh rock band, The Little Wretches, Robert Andrew Wagner rode a wave of local notoriety that led the band to the forefront of the underground music scene. Taken as a whole, Wagner's body of work covers a vast range, and he is regarded by fans as "The Folk Poet of Pittsburgh." In 2020, Wagner recorded and released two new albums: Undesirables and Anarchists and Burning Lantern Dropped In Straw, the former having spawned an itunes chart-topping single and having received airplay on more than 115 North American AM/FM radio stations. The Little Wretches were named MULTI-GENRE GROUP OF THE YEAR at the 2021 Josie Music Awards.

Press photos

The Folk-Poet holding Court

A sketch found on a table at the Lester Hamburg Theater

A Wretch Like Me

Live Video

Stage plot & tech rider

Robert plays acoustic guitar and harmonica and sings. 
In settings that require sound-reinforcement, Robert requires a microphone for vocals and a direct-input for his guitar.
He can perform standing or sitting but prefers to be able to alternate between the two, so the presence of a stool is appreciated, and Robert can adjust the microphone stand as needed.
It helps if there is small table or stand to hold his harmonicas and water bottle.

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