This Time the Rebellion Weeps / The Slow Restless Agony

Two-CD set. Disc One features new studio recordings. Disc Two is a retrospective of earlier work previously unavailable on CD.
Originally released in 1999, this album was selected by IN PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE as the year's #1 local release.



The Little Wretches

Sometimes called "the nude disc" because it was released without an insert, this collection of songs is considered by some fans to be The Little Wretches' equivalent of "Exile on Main Street."

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Available from a number of sources, but I suggest iTunes.


Beyond the Stormy Blast

Described by The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as "the best rock recording ever made in Pittsburgh." Songs range from Beatlesque ballads to wall-of-sound spoken-word epics.

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This is available at a few sources, but I suggest iTunes.

Just Another Nail In My Coffin

Described by The Pittsburgh Press as "the strongest body of work to emerge from Pittsburgh since time began." Some listeners have made a connection between the sound of The Little Wretches from this period and the sound of Mott the Hoople. Others suggest that this is what it would have sounded like if John Lennon had joined The Velvet Underground. Only a few copies of this disc remain. If you can find one, pick it up. Otherwise, iTunes has it.

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You can get this from a number of sources, but I suggest iTunes.


songs from the land of UniMarts, Pit Bulls and Karaoke Machines

Live performance recorded at The Mattress Factory. Robert A. Wagner sings and plays acoustic guitar. Dave Maund plays violin. In addition to the songs, there is plenty of dialogue with the audience and anecdotes. Wagner performs a few songs already known by fans of The Little Wretches as well as previously unreleased material and some songs by John Lennon and Phil Ochs. Also available at iTunes.

Scattered Seeds, Fruitless Trees and Grandma's Hat

After Dave Losi retired from The Little Wretches, Robert Wagner joined Calliope, The Pittsburgh Folk Music Society and began performing with vocalist Rosa Colucci. Her job, quite simply, was to make Wagner sound better. They called themselves The Mercenes (as in "hailing from the Land of Mercy") and frequently appeared with some of the best instrumentalists in Western Pennsylvania--Bob Banerjee, Steve Sciulli, James Hovan and Dave Maund. Most of the songs on this collection were recorded in one take without overdubs by well-known Christian recording artist Greg Sparks. Other tracks were recorded by the late Michael Ketter at Complex Variables Studio. The lyrics on this thing are scary good. Soon to be available at iTunes.