Some Days the Best I Can Do Is Clear a Path for Light

I promised to try to post one new piece from Red Beets & Horseradish every week.

This week, I put together something for Winter's Grace, the opening piece in the song-cycle. I first encountered the poem that forms the foundation of the lyric when I wandered into Hemingway's on the University of Pittsburgh campus, and there was a poetry reading in the back room. Annette Dietz read, and when I praised the poem, she immediately gave me her copy. 

I really wanted to set it to music, but the idea didn't come together till I learned of the passing of Brian Longo. Funny thing, as I was returning to work on the website, I saw that there previously had been a comments page, and there was an exceedingly kind comment posted by Brian Longo back in 2010. I hope this piece does not come across as exploitative. Before Brian passed, he sent me a CD of some of his noise-music recordings, and he'd given me a call, maybe to say thank you and goodbye. I hope this piece honors Brian.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this and forward it to people who might appreciate it.


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