A ragged, roughshod approach to garage rock, Little Wretches delivers a classic sound with “Undesirables and Anarchists”. Within this album they prove to be exceptional storytellers featuring lyrical flourishes that have a great power behind them. They take a page from the disoriented experience of Thee Oh Sees approach and add a little bit of haze to it. Layer upon layer wraps the sound up in beautiful fuzzed-out lo-fi splendor. Best of all the vocals seem aptly suited for the tasks tying the whole of the album together as if on some staggering late-night journey. 

               Opening things up on a high note and setting the tone for what follows is the swagger of “Silence (has made a liar out of me)”. Nimble acoustic guitar weaves in perfectly with the jagged electric edges to make “Poison” a folk punk piece of perfection. With “I Rather Would Go” recalls Beat Happening’s communal spirit, alongside its fondness for twee pop melodies. The clear-eyed focus comes into the fray with the intimate presence of “Morning”. Building itself up into a force to be reckoned with is the colossal take of “All of My Friends” where a tenderness rests at the very center of it all. Fiery passion defines the album highlight, the incredible narrative of “Ballad of Johnny Blowtorch” which embodies the best of seventies punk rock. Neatly bringing it home is the soothing scope of “Running (was the only thing to do)”. 

               “Undesirables and Anarchists” shows off the impressive chops of Little Wretches as they explore the seedier, gritter side of garage rock with such undeniable flair.

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