Maximum gratitude. Steve Earle sings, “I ain’t ever satisfied.” I ain’t satisfied, either, but I know when I’ve been blessed! 

Not surprisingly, I was personally acquainted with and had a direct connection to many of the people who attended last night’s show at McKeesport Little Theater. I was thrilled and stunned to see a couple of folks I hadn’t seen in DECADES. 

Thank you to all who attended and a special thanks to those who purchased tickets simply to support the theater, though unable to attend. With proms, graduations, festivals, swimming pools, and so many other obligations and things to do or see, we are thankful that people chose to spend the evening with our songs snd stories. 

Hopefully, we’ll be doing more of this. 

Big thanks to the musicians on stage--Mike Madden, John Carson, Peter King and Emma Ruth ( Golebie). It was the first “ Wretches “ experience for Emma and Peter. I think they can now answer in the affirmative the next time Jimi asks, “Are you experienced?”

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