Let's Do Something Gigantic

Click here to hear the song (Let's Do) Something Romantic by The Little Wretches

Upon learning of the passing of David Allen Flynn, artist and long-time friend of The Little Wretches, drummer Angelo George said without pause, "He and Chuckie are having a reunion in Heaven."

George shared the following anecdote:

At an early rehearsal, we were in the basement on Middleboro Road, maybe even before the band had a name. This was WAY back at the beginning. David, Chuckie and Ed Heidel (original bassist for The Little Wretches) were doing shots of Jim Beam between songs. You called the tune, "(Let's Do) Something Romantic," and David Flynn made a wisecrack like, "Let's do Something Gigantic."

Let's do something gigantic? (Who knows what they were thinking?) 

But Ed Heidel cracked up and laughed so hard his glasses went crooked on his face, and Chuckie laughed so hard that he kind of hiccuped, and the Jim Beam came out his nose. And the three of them were laughing so hard, we just had to wait. And they couldn't stop laughing.

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