Coming Soon: A NEW ALBUM

Richard Hell once sang, "LOVE COMES IN SPURTS." 

Unfortunately for me, that is how I work. It is wise to work incrementally, to make a little progress every day. But that has never been my style. This morning, I updated this website for the first time since the Thanksgiving holiday. I posted most of the podcasts, reviews and interviews that have appeared between then and now. If you follow The Little Wretches on Facebook, you've seen most of this stuff.

But what I really want to tell you is that I am going to record a new album in the coming months and will have it out by Easter.

Anyhow, here is what I’m working on: 

I have a collection of 13 songs and spoken-word with music pieces organically and explicitly built around the themes of family, self-sacrifice and resilience and implicitly unified by themes of faith and man’s personal relationship with God. The title, RED BEETS AND HORSERADISH, is inspired by a concoction served as a relish or side-dish, usually on the holidays of Easter or Passover. For the Serbs, the red of the beets is symbolic of the blood of their people, and the horseradish the bitterness of their suffering. In my family tradition, the symbolism involves the blood of our savior and the bitterness of His suffering. People in the Jewish tradition also enjoy the dish, but there is no blood involved—the beets are merely for flavor—but the horseradish represents the memory of bitter suffering in bondage.

Demos of the stuff are already on YouTube if you search. 

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