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" Little Wretches offers a poignant piece of beautiful balladry on the bombastic “All My Friends”. Giddy with energy they race through the track length with gleeful abandon. Instrumentally dense they incorporate so much into the mix..."

I dunno. My first poetry mentor at the University of Pittsburgh taught me that if you want to publish in small magazines, you should READ small magazines; It is your responsibility to support the community you hope to be a part of. Extrapolating, I should be listening to the stations and shows that I'd like my songs to be played on.

I try but mostly fail in that arena. For example, it pisses me off that I'm not getting airplay on WXPN or WYEP, the two best known radio stations in the regions where I've spent almost my entire life. But who am I? I ain't nobody. What do I deserve? Nothing.

I know damn well that the business revolves around relationship-building, that I should be schmoozing the DJs, flattering them, listening to their shows, dropping them the occasional comment about how their show enlightens my life. WXPN and WYEP don't owe me squat. If I want their support, I have to court them and seduce them. Sales Rule #101--THE CUSTOMER WILL NOT BUY FROM YOU IF THE CUSTOMER DOES NOT LIKE YOU. Willie Loman in Arthur Miller;s DEATH OF A SALESMAN... "You have to be liked."

I've been told by more than one person that I exhibit a "f### you" attitude. Nobody likes to be told, "F### you.' By the same token, I don't want you to dig my songs because you like me. I want you to dig my songs because THEY SAY SOMETHING.

Okay, I'm done rambling. What I really wanted to say is that I should be following more closely the writers and outlets that have been supporting The Little Wretches.

Thank you, Beach Sloth. Thank you, Beach Sloth. Thank you, Beach Sloth. Click on that link at the top to see what BEACH SLOTH had to say about ALL OF MY FRIENDS.

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