UNDESIRABLES & ANARCHISTS is the name of a collection of songs performed by Mike Madden, HK Hilner, John Carson, Rosa and Robert Andrew Wagner and recorded and mixed in 2001 at Dave Granati's studio in Ambridge. 

Its working title all those years ago was "Born to Crash." The new title is from a line in the song, ALL OF MY FRIENDS: 
"All of my friends are on somebody's list 
Of undesirables and anarchists. 
It's not even safe to admit that you're one of my friends." 

The project came back from mastering yesterday and goes out to distribution tomorrow. You could be hearing it by mid-June. 

Killer set. All one-takers. Overdubbed vocals. Overdubbed lead and acoustic guitars. 

Dave Granati said, "Set up like you're doing a live-show, except move the drum kit forward. If you can play without headphones and go with your natural room-mix, I'll have you dialed-in and ready to track by the time you're done setting up." 

One down. Let's do another. Nailed that one. Let's do another. Nailed that one, and so on. 

When we finished, David Granati paid us a very high compliment, "I'm working with eight or nine bands that I wish could have seen you at work." He said we probably listened to a lot of the same records growing up. 

The project was not released on CD because I could not justify spending money on a product by a band that could not tour, could not build a local following and, in spite of creating some very catchy and rocking tunes, was guaranteed to be shut out of the rotation at WDVE, WYEP and WRCT. 

Wait till you hear this. I have since revised the lyrics to a couple of the songs, but this album is no joke.

These words are a link to the unmastered version of Rosa singing RUNNING (was the only thing to do). Click and hear!