PALMS & CROSSES reviewed at Music Crowns


Okay. I don't know if such a person as Mia DeSine actually exists. Does Mia have pronouns? I browsed the internet for somebody named Mia DeSine, but I didn't find anyone. I can't tell if this is a "real" review or something whipped together by the publicist. Either way, here is what the review says:

Crafting a song from scratch is already a difficult, daunting task. Organizing your thoughts enough to write out lyrics that explain what’s in your head is far from easy. However, there are bands and artists who excel at this, even being able to tell a story as good as fiction authors and scriptwriters in less words and time. 

The ease of picturing scenes from The Little Wretches’ song “Palms & Crosses” is something that I hardly experience, even with all of the music that I listen to. I can see kids fishing and eating spaghetti off Styrofoam dishes in my head as I listen, along with all the other little details that are dropped in the lyrics. 

Each line is punchy, revealing detail after detail with humor tied in. It’s been a while since a song has made me laugh to myself. The Little Wretches’ cleverness is certainly not to be overlooked, and the upbeat, rocking instrumental complements the dynamic delivery of the lyrics, which even has a bit of sarcasm sprinkled in that makes for an amusing listen. 

The Little Wretches’ performance is unique and attention-capturing, and I experienced all of that from only one song. They don’t hold back, bringing everything they have to their material, and it pays off. There’s plenty more in store for you, and you certainly won’t be disappointed by their zestful approach to music. 

-Mia DeSine

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