Did you ever see one of those New Wave films in which you're not simply watching a story but a story about telling a story. The filmmakers make sure to remind you that you are watching a movie. It isn't real. They want you to maintain your critical perspective while also appreciating the story. Something about DEMYTHOLOGIZING.

Anyhow, here's a bit of demythologizing about The Little Wretches. I/we hired a publicist a couple of years ago, and he's kept me busy with podcast appearances and interviews, and he's scored us a lot of reviews and coverage on websites that, quite frankly, I wonder if anybody bothers to look at.

Every Monday morning, I get a report from Orchard Enterprises, a subsidiary of Sony, detailing the number of streams our songs and albums have garnered on Spotify, Apple Music, and so on. I can also look at analytics on YouTube to see how many times our videos have been viewed and how long viewers were engaged. If, for example, a video is three-minutes in length but the average view is 45 seconds, I know people are not watching the entire video.

So this thing with CASHBOX. The publicist sends me an email with some questions. I write answers to the questions and return them in an email. A few weeks later, my answers have been crafted into a profile. I'm on Page 50! 

CASHBOX is a pretty legit magazine. I used to see it at newsstands in the days when I'd hang out at the magazine rack at record stores, occasionally getting yelled at, "No reading the magazines! If you want to read one, buy one!"

Anyhow, a LIVE audience feels real. All this virtual/digital stuff, it's hard to know if anybody's really out there.

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