Receiving Compliments and Getting Back to Work

I looked up a person who was instrumental in first professionally recording The Little Wretches, and so as not to breech confidentiality or violate a trust, I will keep that person's name out of this post. But....

I thanked that…

What's the word? JOHANNESBURG

Well, the story is that THE LITTLE WRETCHES have the #1 Folk Rock song on the iTunes Charts in South Africa and the #20 song across all genres.

I'm not making this up. Here's proof!


Cool Talk with Edwin Douglas, Christian Comedian

I was a guest on Edwin Douglas' podcast. 

Edwin is a Christian comedian, and it is refreshing to chat with a person of faith. I have a song on our forthcoming album called IT'S ALL BETWEEN ME & GOD, and…


Coming Soon: A NEW ALBUM

Richard Hell once sang, "LOVE COMES IN SPURTS." 

Unfortunately for me, that is how I work. It is wise to work incrementally, to make a little progress every day. But that has never been my style. This morning, I updated…


My Christmas Gift--Hanging out and Singing with Rosa

This was my Christmas Present. I got to hang out and do some playing with Rosa Colucci, star of WHEN IT SNOWS and UNDESIRABLES & ANARCHISTS. 

Rosa and I tried out some new technology she’d picked up. I played her…


A Tribute to Heidi Wolfson

I tried to play ANOTHER LINK IN THE CHAIN as if I was the song's author, but the song was written by Heidi Wolfson of Cubizm, a powerful and encouraging force in the Philadelphia music and songwriting communities. I know…