WHO IS AMERICA? -- A Battle of the Bands

Three different versions of WHO IS AMERICA have been released on three different albums, all within the span of weeks. 
Listening to all three versions will cost you twelve minutes of your life, but it’ll be twelve GOOD minutes. 

When the link to this post appears on Facebook, I hope you'll consider posting a comment with your answers to the questions below. Why? I'm thinking about contracting someone to promote the catalogue to radio programmers and dee jays, and I really want to know what you think.

You've got the BORN WITH A GIFT version which is the original recording with Chuckie on violin.  
(Click here to hear the version from BORN WITH A GIFT on YouTube)

You got the BURNING LANTERN DROPPED IN STRAW version with a time-tested arrangement and Losi and me exacting all the call-and-response vocal things like Brian Wilson was producing. 
(Click here to hear the version on BURNING LANTERN DROPPED IN STRAW on YouTube)

You got the UNDESIRABLES & ANARCHISTS version with the original lyrics written for but never recorded by NO SHELTER, the tempo nice and urgent, Mike Madden and John Carson doing like Bill and Charlie in the classic Stones, and the one and only Rosa Rocks singing with me. 
( Click here to hear the UNDESIRABLES & ANARCHISTS version on YouTube )

Were the lyrics ever more timely than they are now? 

Q #1: If you ran a radio station, which version would you play?

Q #2: Which version do you personally dig the most? And why?

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