The Mike Wagner Show...Robert delivers a live performance of The Remains of Joe Magarac

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"From Pittsburgh, it's Robert Wagner from Little Wretches back with a new live acoustic release album "Live at the Mattress Factory-Songs From the Land of Pit Bulls and Poker Machines" and how he came up with the name plus he performs live from the release!"

Mike Wagner, no relation to me (Robert), is an enthusiastic and encouraging person. Yes, he mispronounces "CALLIOPE" (he says cal--ee-o-pee with an accent on the O), but it is obvious that Mike tried to do his homework and very much wanted his listeners to share his enthusiasm.

As for my part, I perform THE REMAINS OF JOE MAGARAC. I knew Mike was going to ask me to play a song. I can't always get away with playing MAGARAC. It's a long song and rather specific to the history of river towns in Western Pennsylvania, but I was feeling it. If I correctly interpreted Mike's response, I'd say he was pretty much blown away by the song. 

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