Rehearsals for New Album

Hanging on the door of Mike Madden's music room at his home in Washington, PA is a coyote pelt with a big, bushy tail and the-better-to-eat-you-with teeth.

May such wildness somehow make its way onto this record we're hoping to make.

Mike, John, Rosa and Bob managed to get together on two consecutive days to run through the songs, though Rosa wasn't physically present. It's amazing what you can do with a phone these days.

Some of the songs are a bit tricky, and the creative-process has a life of its own, each person taking in and processing the sounds through his or her own sensibilities and trying to create musical parts that feel right. But what feels right to you might conflict with the thing I was going to play. Hey, that doesn't work. Hey, how does that part go again. Wait, I thought it was A, D, then E. What's that chord? 

Who knows. The plan to get the project done by Easter may not be realistic. One step at a time.

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