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Feb 8 

Written By Which Coast 

The Little Wretches is an American band from Pittsburgh formed by brothers Robert and Charles (Chuckie) Wagner. Through many different eras of the band - involving lineup changes where the sound would change - the group still stands strong, releasing high quality music Today we dive straight into Little Wretches’ track, “All of My Friends”, from their Undesirables and Anarchists album. 

“All of My Friends” comes in at four minutes and thirty-six seconds. Instrumentally, the track fuses elements reminiscent of 90’s pop rock with a Violent Femmes-ish folk rock approach. Lyrically, the song comes through like a story with easily understood meaning. Throughout the song, we are treated to well-crafted moments of melody that make the track exceptionally enjoyable. My favorite parts of this track were the superb bassline and vocal harmonies; the harmonies especially served to carry the track forward and were richly enjoyable as someone who likes to listen to vocal interplay. 

In summary, “All of My Friends” is a very strong and enjoyable track. In its folky nature, we find some of the band’s roots in terms of sound and I feel as though this track encapsulates a modernized sound that feels like a natural progression for a genre that the Violent Femmes made famous; The Little Wretches really own this sound and “All of My Friends” is a stirring track. You can find The Little Wretches on Facebook and their website with their music on Spotify. Check out “All of My Friends” embedded below!

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