Philadelphia Area Songwriters Alliance Event, Sunday, April 5

I have been invited to play at a Philadelphia Area Songwriters Alliance event. It was going to be held at a place in Swarthmore called The War3Hous3, but the quarantine-efforts have iced the prospect of a live-show. It is now going to be streamed, accessible apparently via Facebook and maybe the venue website. I'm really not sure.

As usual, it feels like every performer at the PASA events has a sweeter voice and can play with more dexterity than me. I've got these songs, though, so I can hold my own. At my first PASA house concert, I played DUQUESNE. At the second, I played NEVER BE THE CHILD OF A REALIST. At a third, I selected BIRTHDAY PARTY.

I'm invited to play three songs on April 5.

Part of me wants to go for the jugular with CALL A SPADE A SPADE, THANKS FOR SAVING MY LIFE and something gentler like BE SOMEBODY, WINTER'S GRACE or REALIST. But I haven't played MAGARAC or SEVENTY YEARS for these people. Then again, I have all this new stuff, too. 

Given that I may be playing for a number of listeners for the very first time, I want to do something worth remembering, something that will grab people's attention but not result in my being pigeon-holed for all eternity.

Decisions. Decisions. What do you think? I really do value the opinion of the people who care enough to express one. What three songs should I play?