Northwest Tour Cancelled, blah blah blah

Robert Andrew Wagner had a handful of little gigs lined up in the Portland and Seattle areas in April. Those gigs are cancelled for obvious reasons.

Ellen Hildebrand and Robert Andrew Wagner were going to collaborate on a show to benefit First Baptist Church in historic Duquesne, Pennsylvania, but that event had to be re-scheduled for a date as yet to be determined.

Out in the Philly/Phoenixville-area, some house-concerts had to be canned.

Everybody out here in Philly is into these live-stream shows, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, whatever.... I wanna smell the soap the performer showered with when he or she walks past me on the way to the stage. I want to worry about little gobs of spit straying from the singer's tongue as I listen from the first row. I want to feel like I need to duck when the singer passionately reaches for a high note.

Go play with your phones. I want LIVE music in the company of friends.

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