COUNTRY MUSIC? I mean, I think it is, but....

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Robert A. Wagner roots for the native sound of country-rock through the song ‘Poison’ of Little Wretches 

Playing on a classic theme of love, Robert A. Wagner, the vocalist and lyricist of Little Wretches sings with melodic country-rock symphonies in the new song ‘Poison’. 

Robert A. Wagner might be a new name to many of the millennial music enthusiasts but his journey to rock the stage with a powerful voice stared many years ago. He formed a band called Little Wretches and that grew bigger day by day with new band-mates and popular shows. At the end of the 90s’, when a new era was preparing to emerge on the horizon of the music industry, Robert decided to go solo and share his music with parables that have been influencing people even now. He released a new album in 2020 titled ‘Undesirable and Anarchists’ and created a wave with its fresh songs and amazing guitar tunes. ‘Poison’ is sung with the most impactful verses that will grow more affection towards his musical perception. 

Robert A. Wagner is a lyricist and a musician who tries to teach people the lessons of love and affection through his lovely rock music. He blends the sweetness of country music and the raw essence of rock shuffles in the new song ‘Poison’ that defines the worth of passion in life. It is crafted with impressive notes and words that are forged from experience and lots of traveling. His music flows smoothly like a brook made of memories. He holds the mirror of reality through the traditional formula of rock.

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