Bookends, kind of.

click here to see/hear WHY WERE THEIR POETS SILENT

click here to see/hear BURNING LANTERN DROPPED IN STRAW by The Little Wretches

Today, two albums by The Little Wretches, WHY WERE THEIR POETS SILENT and BURNING LANTERN DROPPED IN STRAW, became available at iTunes/Apple Music. The former marks the debut of David Losi on piano, though he had not yet joined the band, and the latter consists of the songs Losi and Wagner were working on when circumstances led Dave to leave the band. The former never made it to vinyl or CD and was available on cassette-tape only directly from the band at gigs. The latter never even made it that far. 

The devil chews on the back of my skull with what-ifs, should-haves and maybes, regrets, doubts, and resentments. But we managed to make this music, and it seems to have aged well. And now, it is available to whoever manages to stumble across it.

If you like this music enough to care about it, please share it, post it, comment on it. Know a cool radio show? Recommend it to the deejay. Know a cool little club? Tell them about The Little Wretches. 

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