A NEW SINGLE? A little write-up about ALL OF MY FRIENDS.

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A new single? What does that even mean? 

When I was a kid, I’d hear a song on the radio, and the next time I’d go to South Hills Village Mall or Murphy’s Mart or The Lebanon Shops, if I had sufficient spare change in my pocket, I’d seek out the record department and buy the 7”, 45-rpm record. If I liked the song so much that I simply HAD to have it, I’d break down and ask my mom or dad for the money. 

Albums were for grown ups. Singles were for kids. 

I have no idea what “a single” is to today’s listeners. But here is what SKOPE says about ALL OF MY FRIENDS:

New Single By Little Wretches “All My Friends” 

by Skope • February 6, 2021 

Little Wretches offers a poignant piece of beautiful balladry on the bombastic “All My Friends”. Giddy with energy they race through the track length with gleeful abandon. Instrumentally dense they incorporate so much into the mix. Nods to groups like the Decemberists feels perhaps unavoidable for they possess that same level of skill with storytelling. Best of all, the interplay amongst the bandmembers has a joy to it, for they each listen to each other resulting in a vast sea of sound, one easy to get lost in. 

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Right from the beginning the song virtually bursts at the seams. Layer upon layer comes into the fray resulting in an energetic, lively approach. By incorporating so many styles they bring up pieces of folk, chamber pop, classical, and rock all into their own worldview. The lyrical flow feels wonderful for they make sure to hold absolutely nothing back as it all cascades into a wonderful churning sea of sound from which it is impossible to escape. Nor why would anybody, for the way they draw the listener into their own careful universe has such a complexity to it, for the melodies and the rhythms move in unison to deliver something straight from the very soul. Such depth reigns supreme for they offer a vision that is so pastoral in its lovely kind spirit. 

“All My Friends” shows off Little Wretches’ deft skill for they sculpt a distinct world that feels uniquely their own.

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