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The Little Wretches: Music

Death Shadow Blues

(The Little Wretches)
June 27, 2010
Robert A. Wagner
When we recorded this, I thought it might sound interesting if Rosa did the lead vocals, but I'm not sure she ever really felt comfortable singing it.

I mean, this is such a WAGNER-family song. Wagners and Little Wretches don't die easily. We fight and fight for one more breath.

When it's my time to go, I feel sorry for the people around me because I'm not going to make it easy. God gave me life, and I plan on using every second of it.

And while I'm here, I'm not going to make it easy on the people around me, either.

Fight the Good Fight or get out of the way.

Death lived in the house that I was born in
and he's followed me most everywhere I've been
and when I ask him, damn it, answer me,
What have I done to earn this?
He smiles and takes another of my friends.

Sometimes I get the feeling I've been tethered
and a circle is the only path I'll know
and I travel long and I travel hard
Hell-bent on my course
but every road I choose leads me back home.

Why'd you take them, so much work unfinished?
Was it some cruel joke to prove that life's in vain?
And me, my work is hardly even started, but I know
You'll bargain for my soul to end this pain.

Sometimes I'm singing and my voice is failing
And one by one, the people leave the room
And the barkeep says, Come on, wrap it up,
I want to get home early,
I wouldn't waste my breath if I was you.

Death lived in the house that I was born in.
Took my family, took them long and slow.
And he's only toying with me now to catch me unaware
So make my preparations now to go.

I'm gonna let my people know that I do love them
I'm gonna speak my mind and keep my conscience clean
I'm gonna give more than I get, and live with no regret
Every day until I meet that endless dream.