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The Little Wretches: Links
Jack Erdie hails from wild, wonderful West Virginia. He's an actor, author, songwriter, performer and truly gifted person. Imagine Gregory Peck crossed with John the Baptist.
Jay Hitt is to songwriting what Charles M. Shulz was to the funny pages.
Katherine Rhoda is an inspired artist with the voice of an angel, a true vision, and an arsenal of interesting instruments that you've probably never previously encountered.
Heather weaves melodies, lyrics and piano phrases into songs of beauty. She is the favorite of many who have heard her. If you have not yet discovered her music, do yourself a favor.
They do a concert series, a folk music school and a bunch of other cool stuff in Pittsburgh, my hometown. What they believe in and stand for? Your guess is as good as mine.
When you're in the Pittsburgh-area, Moondog's is the blues and rock club, The Starlite Lounge the restaurant and acoustic club. Tuesday night is the bluegrass jam. Food is great. And you could find yourself sitting next to a Nobel Laureate--really!
the mattress factory
Museum dedicated to installation art.
the andy warhol museum
The Little Wretches performed at the public opening of The Andy Warhol Museum. My dad probably stole Andy Warhola's lunch money when the two were kids in Soho.
Heinz History Center
Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh
Drake Well Museum
Site of the world's first commercial oil well.
Pittsburgh Filmmakers
Pittsburgh Playwrights Theater Company